WIP - Yayin Travel App


Several travel websites follow a similar user interaction where travelers search for famous monuments or locations and then book a hotel around it and visit with friends or family. The proposed platform would be like a social network with inputs from travel bloggers, professional travelers, and local users.


We at Yayin would like to be the change for the travel industry. The web platform will categorize visited places by users into intelligent trips. Then from supplied user social profile, the learning algorithm will learn from trips, inputs from travel blogs and local volunteer ambassadors, and other trained data from surveys, Facebook or foursquare will recommend such trips and itinerary from a city “A” or user’s hometown to city “B”. These trips would either be through road or flight with stopovers. In the future, we would like to highlight sponsored trips for advertising and monetization.


We are looking for freelancers, developers, and data scientists to contribute to the project, the team at Yayin will compensate developers with equity in the company.

To learn more about Yayin and for open positions please visit our careers profile.

Project link: https://yayin-travel-app.onrender.com

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